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New research methods and training materials on gender, climate change and agriculture from CCAFs & FAO

2011 December
by jbehrman

"Much of the research into agricultural and farming systems has looked at soil, water and land management strategies and technologies that make up the portfolio of climate-smart agriculture options. Very little emphasis has been placed on understanding the different adaptive strategies men and women apply in order to secure their livelihoods in the face of climate change. If climate change research and development interventions are to be targeted to men and women, we need to understand both men and women’s adaptation and mitigation strategies."

In partnership with FAO, CCAFS researchers have prepared training documents to help researchers better understand gender roles and how they may affect a community’s capacity to adapt to climate change. Read  Science officer Moushumi Chadhury's recent interview on the subject and download the manual on "gender and climate change research in agriculture and food security for rural development"