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Presentation on Gender, Collective Action, and Climate Change now available!

2014 November
by ebryan
BMZ_presentationNovember 20, 2014

A new presentation on Gender, Collective Action, and Climate Change is now available here.

Key messages from the presentation include that:

•Perceptions of climate change, needs as a result of climate change and possibilities to adapt to climate change do differ between men and women.  It is therefore essential to take a gendered approach to climate change adaptation.
•To date, norms and customs, education and research systems, development agencies, and extension systems are not (yet) geared up to address gendered climate change concerns and to provide both genders the same opportunity space, particularly in rural areas in the developing world.
•The gender-differentiated impacts of climate change are neither straightforward nor predictable but vary by context (sociocultural, economic, ecological, and political factors).
•Many methods can be used to better understand gendered climate change issues; several are presented here.