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CAPRi Launches New Website

2015 November
by ebryan

CAPRi_imageHave you thought about how property rights and collective action influence your work?  Are you interested to find out more about how these institutions influence

  • People’s use and management of natural resources, and the sustainability of these resources?
  • People’s livelihood decisions and well-being, including access to opportunities, resilience and agency?
  • Gender relations and marginalized groups?

Have you realized property rights and collective action affect fields as diverse as technology adoptionwatershed managementgenetic resources and climate-smart agriculture?

If so, we invite you to the new CAPRi website, which aims to serve as a gateway for resources and news on collective action, property rights, and the study of the commons.

CAPRi was launched nearly twenty years ago as a CGIAR Systemwide Program in order to identify how the institutions of collective action and property rights influence the efficiency, equity, and sustainability of natural resource use.

Today, CAPRi comprises a community of practitioners in a wide variety of fields (e.g. nutrition, political science, gender studies) from over 400 institutions interested in policies and practices that reduce rural poverty and enhance inclusive governance of natural resources.

CAPRi has recently launched a blog to stimulate conversation among scholars and practitioners on issues related to collective action and property rights. In our latest blog, IFPRI’s Valerie Mueller discusses the effectiveness of paralegals in Tanzania. We also provide a weekly newsletter sharing selected announcements on upcoming conferences, open access publications and employment opportunities.

We hope you join our community!

Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Coordinator of CAPRi Program, on behalf of CAPRi Community

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